Friday, 12 June 2015

Celebrity tweets #HugsForNoah

Good morning 

#HappyFriday everyone, I'm very grateful to have some lovely messages to share with you ! I'm so grateful to have this support with my new Facebook modelling page & since Saturday midnight I now have over 600 "Likes" 

Lots of celebrities have tweeted me back & followed too, John Challis AKA @BeingBoycie has supported me to he's a real gent, I've met John & had afternoon tea with him & his lovely wife Carole, we sat giggling eating cake at Armathwaite Hall, it was a fabulous afternoon. 

I hope one day to meet Beverley Knight she's amazing xxxx 

Duncan is a real gent kind & very caring he does a lot for charity and a lot of it people don't see, but he never stops, last year Duncan came to my gala dinner, I got to show Duncan my new stand, I got lots of hugs & kisses a very proud moment for me being able to stand up being paralysed but more so to share this moment with my family & fabulous friends.

Lucy-Jo what can I say ! She's beautiful and yes had the pleasure in meeting her, I loved my cuddles, I also had hugs with Alan too, what a wonderful day that was ! 

Have a great weekend my first photoshoot on Monday for my portfolio exciting times ahead 

Love Noah xxx 

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Thank you #Yahoo #Italia #HugsForNoah #Model

Good morning 

What a lovely surprise to find Yahoo Italia had written about me on their Facebook page yesterday ! This will help raise awareness too. 

Thank you very much 

Love Noah x

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

#HugsForNoah @ITVBorder News

Yesterday was a fabulous trip to ITV Border News, they are really lovely & looked after me & mummy, I couldn't wait to have a drink of milk, funny seeing my face on lots of screens ! 

This is just before hair & makeup 

I got lovely cuddles with Rachel & Simon 

I met the very lovely Neil Billingham Who said some really nice things about me, said I was his "hero" ! 

I met Ross Hutchinson lovely weather man ...... I asked I could have rainbows & sunshine for everyone for the rest of the year ! 

A huge thank you to ITV Border news for a fabulous time, really lovely to meet you all 
Love Noah x

Monday, 8 June 2015

#HugsForNoah #Disabled #Model #Pictures

My very first picture
The size of a grain of rice, I'm sure I'm
Smiling,  the day I was born  was the start of it, even now three years later my mummy takes pictures & videos every day, when I could speak "cheese"  was one of the first words I said ! Now I take selfies & tweet them or use my Instagram with fabulous filters.

Something about black white pictures 

If there's one thing I do like it has to be my eyes 
Says my

I love to silly and even have my picture taken upside down !

I hope you've enjoyed looking at my pictures 

Love Noah